Jiddu Krishnamurti
Bringing Krishnamurti into our daily life


The Elevator Pitch

The world is in a state of disorder. This is because each of us are in a state of disorder, psychologically speaking. Whole, integrated and happy individuals make for a sane and happy world.


Who is Jiddu Krishnamurti anyway?


Why is Jiddu Krishnamurti's work relevant?

Because there is great disorder and confusion in this world. There is a war in one part of the world while merry making in another. Poverty and tremendous wealth live side by side. There appears to be this tremendous disconnect with each of us is living in our own little world.

What disorder and confusion are you talking about? I think human beings are making great progress in general.

Yes, we have made tremendous strides technologically. We have traveled to the moon, built airplanes and big dams and so much else. But unfortunately, all this progress has not meant that we are happeir beings. We continue to kill each other as we did 500 years ago. Or as we did 2000 years for that matter.

What is wrong with existing approaches to solving social/human problems?

Our approach to solving social problems is fundamentally flawed because it is a fragmented approach. Each problem is taken in isolation and and an attempt is made to solve it. However, everything is realted to each other and this fact is mostly ignored. At this level, one might call it "the Human Problem".  The result of this fragmented approach?  Creating more confusion and being in a endless loop of prblems getting created and attempts to solve them.

The social and scientific sphere

Krishnamurti's work has great potential for making contributions in both the social and scientific sphere and can be used to great benefit by Cognitive Neuro scientists and psychologists. While scientists and non-profits attempt to improve the human condition using thought, it seems to me that very few people pause to explore the nature of thought itself. I believe this is a key issue and needs to be addressed. If not, our approach to solving human problems will continue to be fragmented and only result in more chaos in this world, as is happening now.

If Jiddu Krishnamurti's work is so profound, why have I not heard of him before?
Most people confess to not understanding what Krishnamurti is trying to say. If they do, the next challenge is that Krishnamurti does not suggest any method to bring about changes. This can be very frustrating. In addition, the work is heavily dependent on self awareness and introspection which makes its difficult to test and demonstrate its efficacy. Moreover, Krishnamurti's work lies at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and spirituality which does not make it a easy read.

What do you propose to do?

I intend to start an initiative with the following goals:
- Reach out to research communities, especially cognitive neuroscience and psychology areas, to help them understand the impact of their own thought processes on their research work.
- K's extensive treatise on the Human Psyche lays bare several elements like fear, desire, anger, Self, etc. Cognitive neuroscience is trying to get at these from physical correlate angle. It would be of great benefit if some of his thinking was considered in building the theory here. 
- Foster collaboration between cognitive neuro scientists/psychologists and those who have been deeply influenced by K's work. It is my hypothesis that understanding and integrating K's work in ones life brings about changes in the brain. 
- Help non-profits understand the limitations of a fragmented approach to social problems. This ultimately points to the fragmentation of our thinking. This fragmentation needs to be exposed to participants so that more coherent social programs can be designed.
Give me more external vaildation about Krishnamurti
- Together with the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, Krishnamurti was declared by Time magazine to be one of the five saints of the 20th century.
- Aldous Huxley was a close friend of Krishnamurti and wrote the foreward to Krishnamurti's first book "Freedom from the known". In fact, it is on Huxley's insistence that Krishnamurti wrote the book.
- Daial Lama is a fan of Krishnamurti's work.
- Deepak Chopra claims to have been influenced by Krishnamurti's work.