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We have been around since 1995, though in a different avatar, as Gills Aquarium Consultants. Since then, we have morphed ourselves into a single point destination for everything related to pets. We have called ourselves Petbonding since November 2002.


Basant Patil, Co-Founder and CEO

Basant Co-founded Petbonding. He leads the team and is responsible for running all aspects of the business. Basant has been instrumental in building a network of high-quality suppliers and high levels of customer service which allows us to maintain a leadership position in the market. Basant lives with his wife in Bangalore, India. You can reach basant at petbonding@gmail.com
Rajesh Kadam, Co-founder and Advisor
As a pet enthusiast, Rajesh has always been intrigued by the capability of animals to understand and communicate with human beings. This enthusiasm spilled over to starting a business when he found that luxury hotels and corporate offices was an untapped market for aquariums. Rajesh teamed up with his childhood friend Basant to create what was then called Gills Aquarium Consultants. Rajesh led the firm from ground zero to cash flow positive business and was responsible for business development and marketing. Rajesh continues advise Petbonding on various issues including those of a strategic nature. Rajesh holds two masters degrees, one in Consumer Behavior and another in Cognitive Psychology, both from Purdue University. Rajesh lives with his wife in Berkeley, CA. You can read his technology blog at www.SearchYogi.com