E-CRM Web Service Attributes as Determinants of Customer Satisfaction with Retail Websites

Despite widespread agreement that CRM/e-CRM has direct and/or indirect impact on customer satisfaction, sales, profit, and loyalty, the significance of e-CRM and the various e-CRM features in influencing customer satisfaction has not been well researched.

This study attempted to uncover relationships between e-CRM and customer satisfaction by determining the presence of e-CRM features on retail Web sites and customer satisfaction ratings for these sites.

We found that retailers differ in the presence of the 42 different e-CRM features. There is a positive relationship between the presence of these e-CRM features and customer satisfaction with the web site. There was no relationship between the level of e-CRM on a retail Web site and sales and profit.

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State of eCRM in Retailing

This paper analyzes the availability of electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM) features on retail web sites and their relationship to customer satisfaction and site traffic.

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