Anger is Unresolved Energy

Anger is unresolved energy that is seeking resolution. The energy embeds confusion within itself and is wanting get itself resolved amicably, but doesn’t know how.¬†Essentially, we don’t know what to do with the energy, don’t know what to make if it and why we are that way.¬†And as a result, the expression of this energy is very confused and potentially explosive, resulting in conflict, pain and suffering, for ourselves and others.

What this points to is fragmentation in the mind, which essentially means different parts of us are seeking different things.

Anger is an invitation to explore and enquire into this ball of unresolved energy so that we may take it to resolution. The invitation from life is to resolve these knots and goes to the very heart of what Life is seeking to do.

Self Inquiry can be an effective tool in this matter though conditioned patterns are strong and tough to unwind. It offers the flexibility needed to understand unresolved energies which are almost always multi-layered and one needs to move back and forth between the layers to see their full spectrum.