Anxiety and Creativity

An anxious mind cannot be creative. Anxiety stifles creativity and it is very difficult, well nigh impossible, for an anxious mind to be creative, to explore and move out of its groove. Being curious and exploratory involves risk and going out of your comfort zone, and that is very difficult to do when you are anxious and fearful.

This kind of anxiety has real consequences, in terms of growth. Both growth at the material/financial level and at the level of the human being. To prosper materially in life, one needs to constantly push the edges of what one considers safe and move into ambiguous and uncertain territory.

In many cases, anxiety itself could be a driver for us to push the envelope. However, I believe this is not sustainable. The mind and body will eventually start breaking down, when it is no more able to handle the stress brought about by the anxiety. And of course, the fear and anxiety will set the stage for the unraveling of our personal lives, over time.

To grow as a human being, it is imperative that one is free of psychological pressure. Anxiety is one form of psychological pressure that we impose upon ourselves, without being consciously aware that we are doing so. In a state of anxiety, there is a very strong tendency to stay in our grooves and there is no question of being able to study these grooves from the outside, as it were. In dropping ones anxiety, while not easy, we come to discover new parts of ourself, that we did not even know existed. This is key to flower as a human being.