Anxiety in Silicon Valley

Anxiety is a particularly interesting phenomena for those of us living in Silicon Valley. We live in swirl of fast paced technology developments, fueled by venture money that seeks to get the most effective return on the money in the shortest time. And against this backdrop, we expect to raise families that live in harmony and raise children that are happy, wholesome and have a sense of joy about them. Feel the disconnect?

When anxiety operates in our daily lives, there is a certain nervousness that runs like a river through our daily lives. That anxiety fuels a sense of hurriedness in much of the things we do.

Anxiety is related to fear. For it to exist, there has to be fear in our hearts. Which naturally makes us question what is it that one is afraid of. And one could be afraid of a variety of things, some real and some imagined. When one examines these fears, there is a possibility of seeing through some of these as reactions because of conditioned patterns of thinking.

But the bottom line is that when there is anxiety, we live in a mechanistic way and on auto-pilot, at least from the point of view of the observer that is not caught in this frantic movement.

This is in opposition to the deeper undercurrent of life, which is one of peace, stillness, calm and a sense of flexibility, movement and fluidity. All of this is negated when we are caught in anxiety and on auto pilot mode, trying to achieve particular outcomes via a cascade of events.

Unbeknown to us, this creates havoc in our lives and one could even use the word ‘violence’ in relation to this. There is a consistent friction between the deeper undercurrent of stillness, which is our natural condition, and all the frantic movement begotten by anxiety. Perhaps this is not all that obvious and as a consequence we don’t see it.

To come in contact with that stillness and natural fluidity of life is one of the great invitations of life. It is always inviting us to come into that space of calm and stillness.