Intergenerational Pain

Amid our busy lives, we forget the fact that we carry in us the seeds of our ancestors. Both the good and bad ones.And one of these, that flows like a river across generations, is pain.

There is no shortage of reasons for pain. May be one’s grandmother was a holocaust survivor and barely made it through. Or she was well-educated but never got a chance to work. Or may be one’s dad or mom had a harsh and punishing childhood.

And our parents, uncles, grandparents, grand uncles and aunts may have used various strategies to numb the pain. May be it was gorging oneself with food, or taking to liquor, or smoking, or gambling. The list goes on.

And this river of pain is flowing though our lives. And that of our children and grandchildren. Perhaps some of these things are manifesting in our own lives.┬áBut we don’t acknowledge it. To acknowledge its existence is to look at all that pain that has carried through generations and the reasons for its existence. Perhaps its too frightening for us to see it for what it is.

Psychologically speaking, to look at oneself without distortion is one of the great skills we need to learn. We are continually attempting to obfuscate reality so that we may stay in comfort zone. While this can work for a while, life is always presenting circumstances that can puncture the illusion. The sooner we are willing to look, the faster we will be on the way to psychological growth and bringing to awareness all these intergenerational issues.