Life Experience

An older friend commented that one of the realizations that he has had after all of these decades of life experience is that our view of things is generally myopic and one cannot really know what is good or bad for us in the long term.

This view nicely brought into focus the question of what is the nature of the psychological entity that is going about living life, donning different identities – as a father, mother, boss, subordinate, son, neighbor, immigrant, start-up founder or even as a success or a failure. And the entity makes various decisions, both the large and the small, that impact our life in significant ways.

It is very important to understand that the psychological entity that is deciding to live a certain way, is conditioned from past experiences. And we make all sorts of trade-offs in life, which is inevitable, to accommodate a way of living that we believe will get us where we want to go.

Unless we understand how the psychological entity is conditioned, there is little point in pursuing all the things that this entity may conjure. It may eventually land us in places where we never intended to go. Watch where you are going!