Crisis and Growth

As far as things are reasonably OK in our lives, we generally don’t take the trouble to look inward and examine our psychological structures. It all feels a bit arduous, unnecessary and even philosophical.

Until there is a significant crisis in our lives. Which is inevitable, given the nature of life itself. While life is unpredictable and we do our best to shield  ourselves from all its uncertainties, those curveballs have a way of getting in through the cracks and reminding us of our humanity and of our place in this vast expanse that we call life.

Our first response is to any sort of crises is to solve it using our thinking process. If one solution fails, we try another. And another and so on. Depending on the severity of the situation, eventually will might stick and and we come out of it bruised, but largely unscathed.

However, there will be some situations in life that just don’t lend themselves to this problem solving by the thinking mind. No matter what we do, nothing works. Which is very frustrating, of course. However, this is actually an opportunity for growth and creates an impetus for us to move into a space of humility and not knowing. It is in this space, where the thinking mind has settled down somewhat and taken a pause, that things begin to unfold.