Step out of the Circle

In an attempt to stay safe and secure, our mind operates within a certain circumference. For some of us, this circumference tends to be small while for others its broader. But either way, anytime there is an invitation from life to go beyond the borders of that circumference, we hesitate and even stall ourselves from moving beyond these self-imposed borders of the mind.

One implication of this is that we stop growing and in exploring the full potential of who we are as human beings. Things may look great externally, but there may be parts of us that seek our attention, if only we could see and acknowledge these parts of our psyche. And all of this may be happening unbeknown to us, below the level of our conscious awareness. Essentially we are blocking ourselves.

We make every attempt to approach life circumstances from within these borders and solve our problems. Alas, sometimes this will not work and we are forced to move beyond this comfort zone into what is essentially unknown territory for us.

Psychological security and fear are two sides of the same coin. We seek safety and security as a reaction to fear and operate within this narrow circumference of our minds.  And anything that we do or intend to do is always viewed from that lens of psychological security. We will take “risks” only from a place of safety and security, which is no risk at all.

It should be pointed out that the kind of risk-taking that we are generally aware of is one that emerges from the egoic self. This kind of risk-taking, generally applauded in western cultures, is different from what I am alluding to. The ego will go to great lengths to satisfy its own demands, but because of the nature of the activity, will always be tethered to the psychological center. The potential for discovering something new and original (psychologically speaking) is never explored.

The invitation then, from life, is to experiment with moving beyond these self-imposed limits and see where the rivers of life will take us. Perhaps there are many ‘riches’ that are waiting to be discovered in us.